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7/7/85 ~ 9/18/94

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Smokey was my baby for 9 years, till I lost him to cancer.

He was my first cat when I moved out on my own.I loved

all the kitties I had while I was growing up, but Smokey

was very special to me.It was like he knew what I was feeling.

When I was upset, he was there to comfort me.When I was

sick, he would stay right by me until I was better.I couldn't

ask for better comfort then that.I thought after 4 years I

would be able to do this page for him without breaking down,

but I was wrong.This is a very hard page for me to do.I guess

it doesn't matter how much time goes by, it still hurts.

Smokey will always have a special place in my heart.
I miss you Smokey Kitty!

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Here are some pictures of Smokey.

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~ June,1987~

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~Winter of 1992~

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~Summer of 1992~

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The beautiful tribute for smokey was made by Diabella.
Please visit her site.She does beautiful work.

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