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I was born March 19,1960 and grew up in Maine. I attended Lebanon Elementary, Noble Jr. High and Noble High school. I also took classes for Income Taxes and worked for H & R Block for one season. I now do income taxes out of my home.

I've been married to a great man, B*U*D, for 5 years now. I have a 19 year-old daughter, Katrina, from my first marriage. I will have a page for her soon.

I recently got interested in doing web pages. I enjoy doing them and love the challenge of learning all that goes with them.

I've always had a love for the Native American heritage. I have Indian heritage in my family; and I've been doing research to find out more about my family background. I grew up going to Pow Wows put on by Chief Red Thundercloud. I knew him as Uncle Tez and he called me Bridget O' Flynn. I haven't seen him in years. I've been searching for him and hope to find him someday soon.

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An old Sioux Indian legend says that dreamcatchers

were hung in lodges and teepees to ensure peaceful dreams.

The good dreams, knowing the way, slip through the

webbing and slide down the soft feather to the sleeper.

The bad dreams, not knowing the way, become entangled

in the web, and melt at the first light of the new day.

Small dreamcatchers were hung on cradleboards,

so that infants would have only good dreams.

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JuiceyKat, Fall 1998

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