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Wolves, like the Indian,

choose their mates wisely

and do not part till death;

making the two spiritually


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How, then,
can I tell you of my love?
Strong as the eagle,
soft as the dove,
Patient as the pine tree
that stands in the sun
and whispers to the wind...
'You are the one!'
~Indian Love Poem

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Juicey and B*U*D, Summer 1998

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When I met you,I had no idea how
much my life would change.
You were a miracle to me.
No one else has ever made me
feel as alive,as special or as
happy as you do.Your not only
my husband..Your my confidant,
my lover and best friend.
In each other's hands, we have
found trust and comfort..
In each other's arms, we have
found happiness and joy..
In each other's hearts, we have
found a love that will last forever.
I Love you, B*U*D

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