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the wind...
In my first summers,
the wind and I frolicked
in fields of sunshine.
We made dandelion
spirits fly to the heavens

and watched as they
gently returned to earth.
As my summers grew in
my wind and I became
We danced headlong to
unknown places,
throwing caution aside.
Those were the summers
of my youth.
The summers of seeking.
The wind and I danced a rebel's dance.
Soon the wind softened,
we danced to another song.

This dance brought a
lover's kiss to my lips,
A gentle caress to my cheeks.
As we danced, I learned
to love and be loved.

Many summers have
passed and now it is fall.
The wind whispers to me
and holds me close.
It has become a soft
warm breeze and sings to me.
While we wait to dance
our final dance...

Yes, I have danced with the Wind...

by SheoWolf

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