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My first chat with Wompie was in the cat chat
room. She is from MS. You can see her boys,
Wompuss and the Veepers here. What beautiful
boys. ~S~ I never knew that I would meet my
best friend in a chat room. We met in person
for the first time the summer of 98 when
she came to Maine. It wasn't like two
people meeting in person for the first
time. It was more like old friends getting
together.I  felt I had know her my whole
life. The friendship we have is like no
other. It's a very special friendship
and if you know her you also know how
special she is. We have always been
there for each other, through the bad
times with tears and good times with
laughter. Together we can accomplish
anything. Thank you for always being
here for me,Wompie. ~Nose Kisses~

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