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I would like you to meet my Juicey Kitty. ~S~ I got him in 1993 when I lost my Smokey kitty to cancer. I hope to have some pictures scanned soon and put
him at the rainbow bridge. When I lost Smokey it was like losing a child. I had him for 9 years. All the people at the veterinary clinic were so good to me.
They called to check on me cause I was so upset. They asked me to come
and get his ashes.When I got there, they took me out back to talk with me.
They said when you lose an animal that you love so much it's hard to think
of ever getting another. At that point I really didn't think I could ever get
another cat. In my heart I had lost Smokey and there was no room for
another.Was I wrong. ~S~ They told me they had a litter of kittens I should
look at. At first I really didn't want to, but they said it would help. I went with them to the cage and there they were sitting in there and wanting out. I really wasn't ready for at that point. I went home and talked with my hubby and daughter. A few days later we all went back to look at the kittens. That's
when I saw Juicey in the back of the cage just sitting there. He was the one I wanted. We brought him home and he was the most lovable kitten. It was like he knew that's what I needed. Well it's almost 6 years now and I'm very glad I got him. Smokey will always have a special place in my heart and could never be "replaced", but Juicey has helped me learn that I do have room in my heart and love for another kitty. ~S~

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