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This page is to thank my cyberbuddy,CharlieJack for finding me this

background and all the help he has given me.Before we really got to

know each other I was looking at his beautiful web site and used some

of his pictures and a poem on my site.I never gave him credit for them,

So I thought I would Thank him by doing this page for him.He is always

ready to help when I'm looking for something.Thank you,CJ for all you

have done for me.You don't realize how much all your help means to me.

~Princess Di Wave~

eagle1line.jpg (1219 bytes)

Well I needed to make some changes here.I received an

email from Silverhawk's wife asking me to remove some stuff

I had here for this page.So I'm not using the one CharlieJack

had found for me after all.Even though I loved the feather

background, I decided to remove it since I was told that the

welcome sign, the feather bar and the buttons I made to use

with it had to be deleted from the server and couldn't be used.

eagle1line.jpg (1219 bytes)

Please take a few mintues and visit CharlieJack's site.He has lots of eagle pictures,

midis and backgrounds.I know you won't be disappointed.Just click on

the banner and find out for yourself.

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eagle1line.jpg (1219 bytes)

I got this background at

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