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A veritable plethora of pussies!

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When I first got connected to the internet, I had
no idea what I was doing. I managed to find a chat
room about cats. Gatos was the first person I met
in there. The more we chatted, the closer we got.
We became very close friends. She lived in CA at
the time with her 14 cats. That's right ,14 cats. ~LOL~
I learned from chatting with her that she was involved
with the cat shelter in her town. She really has a special
love for cats. From working in the shelter she has learned
alot about caring for cats. You can see just how much she
knows by visiting her web pages. There is a link to them at
the bottom of this page. I've added some of her babies here.
I didn't have room for all 14 of them, but you can see them at
her site. I know you will enjoy her site if you love cats as
as much as we do. She has moved from CA to CO and loves it there.
I'm happy for you, gatos. ~S~ I hope that someday we will have
have the chance to meet in person. ~hugs~

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