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It is so important to have your pets spayed/neutered.
There are so many animals killed each year because
there are not enough homes for them.Please, when
you get a pet, have them spayed/neutered.You will
be saving lives of so many animals.

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I have found some sites that have loads of information
on spay/neuter, shelters, health and more.I thought it
would be nice to share them with all of you. ~S~ I hope
you find them as useful as I have.


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A very useful site with many links to information about
spay/neuter, shelters, feral cats, health and more.

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A shelter in Redwood City, CA.They take in stray kittens and
try to nurse them back to health.A truely touching site.A must see!

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A MUST SEE SITE!! Information about low cost or free
spay/neuter in the United States.A Great Site!!

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Friends of Freal Felines.They help with feral, abandonded,
and stray cats in the Southern Maine area.A great site!

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Another great site located in Maine with loads of great links.

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A great site for sure.They have loads of information on shelters,
health, breeds, behavior, just to name a few.You will also find
information on dogs, birds, horses, fish, reptiles and exotic.Please
check out the chat rooms as well.

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This site has a large list for shelters in the United States, Canada and International.Be sure to visit the rest of their site.

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Friends of Animals.A nation wide program that offers a low cost spay/neuter

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Here are some links for shelters in the Maine and
New Hampshire are.


New Hampshire Animal Welfare Organizations

A List of Shelters in Maine

Cat Fancy Feline finder and Shelter Directory for Maine

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I got my spay/neuter graphics from

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This Spay/Neuter - Save a Life Ring
site is owned by JuiceyKat.
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Want to join the ring? Click here for info.

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